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Steel target

A simple steel target that gives visible and audible report back to the shooter.

New ø 250 mm target available!

The THLR steel target is made from 8mm Hardox 450 with a brinell hardness of 425-475 with typical yield strenght of 1100-1300 MPa.

This has proven sufficient to withstand the abuse of normal rifle cartrigdes. It will handle 338 LM at longer ranges, at shorter range it is possible to shoot through the target. Lightweight was the priority for these targets and there is no such thing as a free lunch in terms of impact resistance.

With no sharp edges the ø 35 cm plate weighs a mere 6 kgs making for easy transport. Four holes allow for a wide range of mounting solutions.

The three engraved circles are dimensioned at ø 30 cm, ø 15 cm, ø 7.5 cm to correspond to 1 MOA, 0.5 MOA and 0.25 MOA at 1000 meters.

The ø 25 cm target weighs even less at approximately 4 kgs and are engraved with circles ø 15cm and ø 7.5 cm.

The THLR steel target is a simple training aid for the longrange shooter.



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