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Rear bag

Some companies make keyrings, we decided on something useful. This product evolved after we got tired of losing our tactical style rear bags. Seeing how we also made a few improvements, it was decided to also offer more discreet colour options.

Ultralight model with lower density fill. Just over 300 grams!

  • Standard weight is approximately 480 grams/ 17 oz. Lightweight enough to carry all day.
  • Ultralight weight is just over 300 grams/ 11 oz. When grams adds up to kgs and fatigue.
  • Material Cordura 1000. Robust enough to take abuse and wear.
  • Plastic granulate fill that emulates sand. We wanted the stability, but not the weight. It rains a lot here, so fill not affected by humidity or temperature.
  • Fill grade that allows for a reasonable range of rifle adjustment whilst still requiring little hand pressure.
  • Solid anchoring points for accessible carry. Strap it to your backpack, belt or whatever you prefer.
  • Straps for better control during shooting, especially during the highest positions.
  • For those needing to instantly move the firing position, the straps gives you both hands on the rifle whilst still keeping the bag immediately available.
  • Signal colour option for those tired of misplacing/ losing a camoflagued bag.
  • Neutral colour option for those wanting a lower visual signature.
  • Norwegian know-how.

Rear bags are really useful tools for reducing shooter error. The Ultralight model is near identical to the standard model except weight. We've reduced weight with lighter fill and minor dimension changes. For the professional a rear bag is just another item to carry.  Grams adds up to fatigue and degraded shooting, and a rear bag left behind does little good. To make it as transportable as possible, we've reduced weight without compromising function. The rear bags can be purchased from or Lindroth & Norin or