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LR tutorial film

It is with some pride we announce the release of a full lenght longrange tutorial film. Teamed up with Lindroth & Norin it has been possible to capture the subject from a hunter's point of view along with stunning photography.

Project owner Lindroth & Norin is well known for their  beautiful hunting films and hands-on approach to the subjects. This has transferred to this tutorial film where we explore longrange shooting with equipment that's already inside the gunsafes of many Scandinavian hunters.

Filmed in the scenic landscapes of northern Norway, this is a purely civilian shooting film where we show you how to shoot longrange effectively. We shoot at range, handle wind quickly, shoot steep inclines, into valleys and over valleys - all with a very high level of accuracy. We show you step by step how to gather your ballistic data and put it into practical shooting, and we are very strong on the subject of windcalls. Hopefully, we'll show you how to get immediate results and leave few questions unanswered for the beginning LR shooter.

The film have received stunning reviews from both critics and audience.