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Some information is valuable enough that the shooter wants it at his fingertips. We have a series of infocards in sturdy, stuff-anywhere formats ranging from beginner's checklist to professional's tool.

Revised Beginners Wind for better workstream

Revised Rangecard for requested log functions and reticle holdover plan

Revised Snipertool for cosines.

All THLR Infocards are presently engraved (not printed!) on 1,6mm UV-stable acrylic which is sturdy and impervious to water, As far as possible, we try to keep the format limited to credit card size to permit accessible carry or storage "anywhere". We are very much fan of multipurpose tools, so there is a generous overlap of info-solutions between the cards.

The THLR Infocard selection is under constant development per customer input. Current examples are:

  • Beginners Wind. Supports visual windcalls, estimation of mirage, calculation of effective wind, cross-valley shooting, measuring inclines and range on 1:50K maps.
  • THLR rangecard/log. Unique combination of rangecard and log. Helps plan your shots and analyse shooter errors. Supports cross-valley shooting and measures inclines.
  • Shooter Error. Helps identify common position errors during shooting, making training more rational or helps the range officer.
  • Sniper Tool. A planning and shooting tool for the military sniper.

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