• VT2012 8 OMSLAG B
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We regularly contribute articles to the magazine Vapentidningen which covers the Scandinavian market. We love longrange shooting and try to instill that feeling in others as well. If you are an editor outside the Scandinavian market, please see the below bulletpoints for available articles.

  • How-to: Longrange shooting 1. Getting started with what you already have.
  • How-to: Longrange shooting 2: Putting ballistic data into a working system and reading the wind.
  • How-to: Longrange shooting 3: Getting help from a spotter and selecting optics for LR shooting.
  • How-to: Longrange shooting 4: Proving the point. Shooting factory equipment effectively to 1200m with a group of shooters.
  • How-to/ review: Steyr SSG08 338LM and Blaser R93 6,5x284 to 1400 meters.
  • How-to: 338LM to 1700 meters.
  • How-to: Keeping a shooting log and using ballistic programs.
  • How-to: Longrange hunting shots. Issues and consequences.
  • Review: Kahles K624i reticle Mil6.
  • Review: S&B PMII 3-20x50 MTC/ LT P4F reticle.
  • Review: Leupold CDS system.
  • Review: MSR reticle.

The articles are very hands-on and instructional, lowering the threshold for trying LR shooting. We deliver in english and with pictures. Unfortunately, we do not have capacity to produce made-to-order articles or reviews. All of these articles have previously been published in swedish text by Vapentidningen.